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Benny Luo is an Internet Marketer and the CEO and founder of Nextshark. [1] He is an expert on Social media marketing,

SEO, and Pay per click. [3]


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Benny with an owl. [6]

Benny is a Chinese American born in California and raised in the city of San Francisco Bay Area. He attended Carlmont High School. [1]


After high school he enrolled at UC Irvine where he earned his BA in Psychology and Cognitive sciences. [3]


After graduating from University, he began to develop skills in Marketing as he worked for several companies. His expertise lies in Social media marketing & Strategy, search engine marketing and pay-per-click advertising. He has consulted for various brands including Billboard, MGM, and McDonald's. [7]

Benny has been a speaker at CES, New Media Expo, VidCon, and Silicon Beach Fest. [13]


Benny is a former Yonex-sponsored Junior National Badminton Player. [3]

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