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Natalie Fratto

Natalie Fratto

Natalie Fratto is a vice president at Goldman Sachs. She is a former vice president at Silicon Valley Bank. [6] Fratto has contributed to notable online outlets such as Fortune, Fast Company, and Hacker Noon. [2] [6] She is based in New York City. [6]

Early Life and Education

Fratto is originally from East Grand Rapids, Michigan. [7] She attended East Grand Rapids High School where she was Class President, Captain of the field hockey team, and a member of the We The People constitutional debate team. [7]

After graduating high school in 2008, Fratto enrolled into the University of Michigan where she was a member of the professional business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi and was an Entrepreneurship Fellow. [6] During her junior summer, Fratto interned at a two-person startup, BlockBeacon, in Los Angeles and found an interest in the field. [7] BlockBeacon would be acquired by Dun & Bradstreet in 2012. [6]


Upon graduating, Pratto would be a Senior Management Consultant at IBM first working in M&A with a focus on the semiconductor and medical devices industries. [3] She would later be a strategist for IBM Watson. [5] In 2015, Fratto became the Director of operations of VIVE Lifestyle which was in the Y Combinator summer class of 2015. She would join Silicon Valley Bank in 2016 working with early stage startups. In 2018, she would help lead SVB's expansion into Canada, causing her to split time between New York City and Toronto. [6]

Fratto would contribute to several publications including Fortune, Fast Company, Pando, Hacker Noon and The Mission. [6] The topics of her writings include adaptability quotient (AQ), frontier technology (artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, quantum computing), women in tech & venture capital, and social impact. [6]

In May 2019, Natalie became a vice president at Goldman Sachs. In addition, she presented an official 2019 TED talk on the topic of adaptability and participated in a residency program at TED's NY HQ for 14 weeks.[6]


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