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Naomie Olindo (born August 4, 1992) is an entrepreneur and reality star on "Southern Charm ". [1]


Olindo majored in Finance and has an MBA in Business administration from the College of Charleston. She plans to go to graduate school. [2]


Not much is known about Olindo's pre-reality TV professional career. She appears to have had a profile on, but it's not in use any more. She seems to have once worked in real estate, but she is no longer listed as an agent at the Handome Properties website. It's not clear what role she had, but in late 2017 she posted about a restaurant called Nico on her Instagram saying she was so proud of the 18 months her team put in to open it. Naomie is a member of the Southern Charm reality television show. [6] [7]

In 2019 Olindo launched an e-commerce clothing company called “L’ABEYE” alongside her friend and business partner, Ginny Cox. [4]


Olindo was born in France to Joel and Carole Olindo and eventually moved to Charleston, South Carolina. She loves traveling, having been to Thailand, Monaco, London, Greece, Italy, Senegal, and many other places. Olindo is up for any adventure that comes her way and enjoys hands-on experiences like skydiving, fishing, and horseback riding. [4]

She dated co-star Craig Conover for a few years before they parted ways due to lifestyle differences. After their breakup, Olindo began intermittent fasting from 8pm-12pm (which she called the "after breakup diet") and saw great results. Around this time she also received Botox injections from Zach Childress and a nose job from Dr. Joshua Zimm. While the decision to alter her appearance her been considered controversial to her 500k+ followers, she has stated on several occasions that it makes her happy. She is now dating anesthesiologist, Metul Shah. [5] [8]

Olindo is a huge animal lover. She owns a cat named Gizmo and grew up with horses, she donates often to the Charleston Animal Society, and her father had 8 cats at one point.

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