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Nandeet Mehta

Nandeet Mehta

Nandeet is an Edison scholar, venture capitalist, and an undergraduate student at UCLA majoring in history, minoring in both entrepreneurship and global studies, while simultaneously fulfilling pre-medical requirements.

he currently is an associate consultant at Anthos Capital.

His time at UCLA is highlighted by founding and leading an entrepreneurial organization (Venture: The Entrepreneur Society) in collaboration with Blackstone LaunchPad and Startup UCLA and working on his own startups. The first being a non toxic and plant based pest solutions company Pyur Solutions. Additionally, He is the co-founder and Partner of Prototype Capital a student-run venture capital firm.

Nandeet is also the Director of Business Development at Third Eye where they've developed softwares to increase the independence of the visually impaired by utilizing object recognition and artificial intelligence to recognize and tell them what's in front of them through auditory feedback. In the past two years he has interned at various venture capital firms including the Space Angels network. His experience also includes research in traumatic brain injury at NeuralAnalytics and serving internships at companies such as Samsung, Lyft, Dell, Ubisoft, and T-Mobile.


Jacob is a graduate of UCLA. He attended Hemet High School.


Jacob was a former Marketing Intern at Samsung Electronics.

Nandeet is currently an Associate Consultant at Anthos Capital, the Director of Business Development at Third Eye App and a Co-founder and Managing Partner at Prototype Capital.

Nandeet also writes for TechCrunch and Huffington Post, as well as Managing Partner at Prototype Capital, a student-run impact venture fund. He lives in Los Angeles.


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Citation Linkthirdeyeglass.comNandeet is the Director of Business Development at Third Eye App
Dec 22, 2015, 12:01 AM
Citation Linkrivcocob.orgNandeet was a Youth Advisor on the council for Riverside County Third District under Senator Jeff Stone who was supervisor at the time.
Dec 22, 2015, 12:17 AM