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mysimpleshow is a web-based software to create animated explainer videos.


mysimpleshow has been online since spring 2016. It was created by simpleshow [14] , a company around since 2008, which has since produced a couple of thousand explainer videos for corporate customers. mysimpleshow allows creating videos in the simpleshow format. The tool is free of charge and just requires a quick sign-up.

Creation process

mysimpleshow features a simple creation process that focuses the user on writing a story first. Narrative templates, so-called storylines are provided, covering a wide range of topics, such as historical events, business presentations, personal messages. In the next step, the tool automatically visualizes the story based on identified keywords in the text. Editing options allow to add text and visuals, upload images, re-position and size the images on a canvas. The voiceover of the video is created in the final step. As an alternative to the automated text-to-speech voices, one can also record a voiceover. The result is a quality animated video ready for sharing or download.

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