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MrMBB333 is a Earth Watchman and climate chaos-oriented YouTube personality. MrMBB333 reports on extreme weather and natural phenomena. [undefined] [undefined] [undefined] According to his about page, the host is monitoring the UV light of Earth closely to relate earth changes to extreme levels of UV. [1] He believes that this change in UV levels could also be due to "a possible binary star companion to our sun." [1]

In his videos, he tracks extreme weather events such as typhoons, wildfires, and hurricanes.

He watches the night sky through telescopes and tracks stars and celestial phenomena.

While not a trained scientist, MrMBB333 reads many scientific articles (although most are not peer reviewed) and provides his own commentary.

MrMBB333 carefully tracks atmospheric pressures, jet streams, and water levels.

MrMBB333 also known as Michael Bradbury had two guest appearances on The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens show.

Since its creation in 2008, the MrMBB333 YouTube channel has attained over 440,000 subscribers and 150 million views.



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