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Morrie Tobin is a financial executive and convicted felon residing in Los Angeles, California. In March 2019, he became well known as the initial tipster who helped bring down the $25 million college admissions scam run by William Rick Singer in Operation Varsity Blues. [1] [6]


Morrie Tobin received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Science from Yale University in 1984 and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Vermont in 1985. [5]


Morrie Tobin's most recent full-time position according to his Bloomberg profile was, Executive Vice-President of Corporate Development at Segami Images. He became the CEO of the company in October 1999. Tobin was also responsible for corporate development activities at Global and was employed by Global on a full time basis. He was employed by First Marathon Securities as an institutional equity salesperson in Toronto from February 1999 to October 1999. Mr. Tobin spent two-and-a-half years, from June 1996 to December 1998, at Deacon Capital in Toronto also working as an institutional equity salesperson. Prior to working at Deacon Capital Corporation, he was employed with Freedom International of Toronto, an inter-dealer bond brokerage house, from October 1995 to June 1996. [5]

Criminal Record

In November 2018, Morrie Tobin was arrested and charged for his involvement in the manipulation and illegal sale of stock of two publicly traded companies, Environmental Packaging Technologies Holdings, Inc. and CURE Pharmaceutical Holding Corp. Tobin was involved in running pump and dump schemes on both stocks. Tobin later pleaded guilty [7] [1] [6]

Tobin, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud and one count of securities fraud, is scheduled to be sentenced in June 2019. Prosecutors have recommended the forfeiture of $4 million and 36 months of supervised release, which is at the low end of the sentencing guidelines. [6]

Operation Varsity Blues

While Morrie Tobin was being questioned for his involvement in pump and dump schemes, he offered a tip to federal authorities in an effort to obtain leniency, according to sources for The Wall Street Journal. This tip started the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Operation Varsity Blues investigation which culminated in the arrest of 50 people involved in the $25 million college admissions scheme. Prosecutors have called the scheme, the “largest college admissions scam ever prosecuted by the Department of Justice." [6] [1] [4]

According to the Journal, Tobin told investigators that the head women’s soccer coach at Yale University had tried to extract a bribe from him in exchange for getting his daughter into the school. To help the FBI catch him, Tobin wore a wire while meeting with the coach, Rudy Meredith, in a Boston hotel room. During that April 2018 meeting, Meredith said he could designate Tobin’s daughter as a recruit for the reasonable fee of $450,000. (Within the month, Meredith had agreed to cooperate with federal investigators.) Meredith's cooperation later led to the arrest of others involved in the scheme. [1] [2] [4]


According to his personal website, Morrie Tobin volunteers with several nonprofit organizations and social enterprise programs working to help “at-risk youth” and homeless people. He volunteers with REDF (The Roberts Enterprise Development Fund), a venture philanthropy organization which supports of the growth of social enterprises—mission-driven, revenue-generating businesses that invest the money they earn into transforming lives. REDF has one mission: jobs and a better life for millions of people who want to work, but whose histories of homelessness, incarceration, mental health challenges, addiction, and limited education form barriers to getting or keeping a job. Tobin also volunteers as a Technical Advisor and mentor to one of REDF’s portfolio social enterprise companies, called The RoseBud Café (based in Pasadena). The RoseBud Café empowers homeless and transitional-aged youths by training the youths to develop a newfound craft and providing them with an opportunity to get part-time or full-time employment. He also volunteers on weekends with the Los Angeles Mission, one of the nation’s largest service providers to the homeless. In addition to volunteering on weekends with the LA Mission, Tobin was involved in the LA Mission Easter and Thanksgiving events where thousands of homeless people were fed. [8]

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