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Molly O'Malia

Molly O'Malia

On Youtube

On Youtube

Molly O'Malia (May 22, 2001 Wilmington, Delaware) is a model, actress and an Instagram celebrity.[9]


In December 2015, OK! Magazine falsely claimed Molly and rapper Tyga had a sexual relationship. It is alleged that Tyga contacted Molly via Instagram and she responded because she thought it was about her music. She later claimed that they did not "hook up."

Molly's attorney, Gloria Allred, has spoken out against both Tyga and OK! Magazine. Her parents separated in 2021. She graduated from high school and then attended Delaware State University. She and Rendall Coleby co-own a group called Dreamy Team. Her mother is Anne Lowry O'Malia. Her sister Christina was the survivor of a severe brain injury in 2011. She has over 400,000 followers on Instagram. Molly O'Malia is an actress, known for Luke Moves On (2016) and The Summer Gem (2011). O'Malia is on the Internet Movie Data Base. She resides in West Hollywood, California.[10]


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