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Mizziel Serra (pronounced My-Shell) (born January 24, 1989) is an LA-based content creator, TV host, professional motorcycle rider, published model and adventure vlogger dedicated to inspiring female riders via the Redline Ravens, an all-female motorcycle lifestyle group, which she co-founded. She rides her motorcycles as a daily commuter, documenting many of her adventures on social media through her brand The Flowstate , with her business partner Jared Andrew Hughes[2]. The Flowstate is intended to promote an ever-present, active lifestyle. Although she has a broad background in modeling, her focus is in creating lifestyle, travel and extreme sports content[+]. Some of her highlights include hosting a show on RIDE ph TV as well as for the National Geographic TV series Island Hunter: Philippines[+]. In addition, she starred in an international commercial for the 2017 Suzuki motorcycle working as a MotoGP Umbrella Girl, pushing the limits of female extreme sports, dancing in music videos, stunt doubling with motorcycles, setting land speed records[+] on motorcycles via her Goldwing Project[+], and teaching celebrities how to ride.

She began her career in entertainment by doing background work on Nickelodeon TV shows in junior high. She later earned a Bachelor's degree in Psycholinguistics from UCLA.

She was recently featured in Voyage LA as part of an article titled “#GirlBoss: Redefining What a Boss Looks Like.” The article helps further her goal of redefining strong women in business. In addition, she has been featured in the following online publications: No Barriers Just Horizons[3], Travel Up[4], Radio Influence[5], and Top Gear[6].

She was also recently interviewed on a Podcast[7] where the host spoke with her about her ”true to life” Tomb Raider-Laura Croft adventures and her new social media and YouTube project, The Flowstate."

The Flowstate[+] was co-founded in 2018 by Jared Andrew Hughes and Mizziel Serra, two social media influencers with similar outlooks and goals towards life. The Flowstate was created to signify their aligning passion to teach others how to live an ever-present, active lifestyle. Being in the “Flowstate” means to achieve a hyper-focused state of mind. It’s an extremely powerful moment in time of being in the zone while 100% of the mind, body and soul work together during a particular activity. It’s the optimal experience, because the journey towards the Flowstate allows one to reach maximum human potential. “Flowstate” is a term mostly used around extreme sports, however Jared and Mizziel believe that it’s something that can be applied to in everyday life. Together they create comedic[+] and informative lifestyle, travel and extreme sports content[+], and even motorcycle reviews[+] to share with the world. Ultimately, they want to inspire others to consciously experience the pure bliss of reaching the Flowstate together.

One of Mizziel’s passions is to combine her love of riding with her charity work, such as donating blood at Thanksgiving[+], Brappy’s Christmas Toy Ride[+], the Annette Carrion Memorial Ride[+]

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