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Minassian Media

Minassian Media

Minassian media is an S-corporation created by Craig Minassian, Chief Communications Officer of the Clinton Foundation. The Wikimedia Foundation's 2015-2016 990 form shows a payment of $436,000 to Minassian Media, Inc. for public relations contracting work during the 2016 US election. [0]

TheClinton Foundation 2015 990 Formshows that Craig Minassian is already paid over $200K for 50 hr/wk as the CF's Chief Communications Officer (p. 43 of 117).


Communication WMF Quarterly Review 02 2014-2015: Minassian media is specifically tasked withdeveloping and executing first media training module for c-level, director, managersand with Media/PR: Ongoing support for media events (60 Min, ACLU, emerging threats, etc.)(p.

7). In this document, Jove Oliver, Helen Platt & Dasha Burns are identified as working for Minassian Media (p. 5). [5]

Victor Grigas collaborated with Dasha Burns and Helen Platt to make a promotional spot in late 2014.


September 2016 Minassian media audit: substantive study (though not to the tune of $436,000) of press coverage related to the WMF.

Going forward, the report urges focusing on reliability, the trust-worthiness of WMF news.

Fostering relationships with both friending (sic) and unfriendly journalists is recommended as way to improve media relations across the board

[T]he Communications team currently provides comment on articles infrequently, generally based on the tier of the outlet (i.e., we prefer upper-tier outlets over lower-tier publications and blogs), and whether a comment would shed positive light on our organization.

In the future, it is suggested that we begin to check the sentiment, tone and the author and outlet’s history with Wikipedia.

This will help us gauge whether it is worthwhile to offer a comment, should one be requested.

For instance, given the articles written by Jason Koebler (Motherboard) recently, offering a comment would most likely do little to advance our messaging strategy".

(p.38) [3]


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