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Mina Justice

Mina Justice

Mina Justice is the mother of Eddie Justice, a victim of the Pulse Orlando Shooting (2016). She is from Port Saint Lucie Florida - coincidentally, town of the killer Omar Mateen- and now lives in Orlando. [1]

Eddie's final texts to Mina before being shot to death were:

Eddie: “Mommy I love you” (2:06 a.m.)

Eddie: “In club they shooting.”

Mina: “U ok”

Eddie: “Trapp in bathroom.”

(2:07 a.m.)

Mina: “What club”

Eddie: “Pulse.


Call police.”

Eddie: “I’m gonna die.”

(2:08 a.m.)

Mina: “I’m calling them now.”

Mina: “U still in there”

Mina: “Answer our damn phone”

Mina: “Call them”

Mina: “Call me.”

Eddie: “Call them mommy” (2:39 a.m.)

Eddie: “Now.”

Mina: [Is anyone hurt?]

Eddie: “Lots.

Yes.” (2:42 a.m.)

Mina: [Are you with police?]

Mina: “Text me please”

Eddie: “No” (2:46 a.m.)

Eddie: ‘”Still here in bathroom.

He has us.

They need to come get us.”

Mina: “The police is in There let me no when u see the police” (2:49 a.m.)

Eddie: “Hurry” (2:49 a.m.)

Eddie: “He’s in he bathroom with us” (2:50 a.m.)

Eddie: “Women’s bathroom is” (2:50 a.m.)

Mina: “Is the man in the bathroom wit u”

Eddie: “He’s a terror”

Eddie: “Yes” (2:51 a.m.)

Mina: “Are u hurt”

Mina: “Stay there he don’t like gay people” (2:52 a.m.)

Mina: “Text me please” (2:53 a.m.)

Mina: “I love u” (2:54 a.m.)

Mina: “Don’t do nothing”

Mina: “Stay down”

Mina: “Baby text me”


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