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Miko Grimes

Miko Grimes

Miko Grimes is a former sports talk show host.

She is the wife of NFL athlete Brent Grimes of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. [0]


Grimes is a former professional basketball player overseas.

She played in 4 different countries.


Controversial Tweet

Grimes' use of the phrase "Jew buddies" on Twitter has led to accusations of Anti-Semitism against her. The full tweet, from July 2016, read: “Gotta respect ross for keeping his jew buddies employed but did he not see how tannenbaum put the jets in the dumpster w/that sanchez deal?”[3]

She explained herself on ESPN, saying: "When I wrote ‘jew buddies’ I was speaking about how a lot of communities (Jewish, Christian, gay, sometimes fraternities and sororities) will hire their ‘own people’ for jobs before others. That’s a fact! Why people find facts offensive is strange to me. And now im a racist? Lmao! How? If what I said is racist or anti-Semitic, why isn’t it also racist to only hire their own? America is just an easily offended, fake reacting, bunch of cry baby a– p——! Anyone that thinks I’m a racist needs to build a f—— bridge and get over it. I’m not a racist, I’m a realist." [4]

Grimes is also known for her tweets in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. [7]

Personal Life

Miko and Brent Grimes married in 2010, and their son, Aiden, was born that same year. They met when Miko was hosting football camps in Atlanta. She is known for having caused drama to get him out of an unfavorable contract. [5]

She thought Brent was gay and white when they met.

[5]She says his family hates her because she forced him to stop paying his family's bills when they married.

They married in Las Vegas. [5]

She is known for her brash personality in interviews.

She often brags about her husband's talents.



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