Megan Massacre

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Megan Woznicki (better known as Megan Massacre , born on September 8, 1985) [0] ​ is an American tattoo artist ​ and Reality TV personality based in New York City ​. [3] ​ She has starred in America's Worst Tattoos and NY Ink. [3]


Early Life

Wearing a gray flower dress

Megan was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ​.

At the age of 14, she went into a local tattoo shop inquiring about an apprenticeship and was turned down due to her age and lack of funds for the endeavor. [10] ​ Four years later, while attending community college, Megan was working at a furniture store when a co-worker of hers asked for a ride to a new job interview. [3] ​ She drove her to another local tattoo shop where her friend told the owner how well Megan can draw. [3] ​ After showing the owner her work, he asked if she had ever designed a tattoo before and would offer an apprenticeship. [10] ​ She said yes and would begin her tattoo career at 18 years old. [10]

Career and Success

Megan received her nickname Megan Massacre after being a part of the local hardcore scene. [3] ​ It was originally intended as a joke to mock the bullies in the scene. Megan worked at a handful of tattoo shops in Pennsylvania ​, including Philadelphia’s well-respected Deep Six Laboratory, before she was asked to move to New York to join the cast of NY Ink ​. Megan has collaborated with clothing and accessory brand Sprayground as well as launched a design, “Envy,” in the fashion collective, American Tattoo between apparel maker Affliction and Inked Magazine ​. [10]

Megan has traveled the world and headlined tattoo festivals in Sydney, Australia ​, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Guatemala City, Guatemala ​, and more.​ [3]

Since 2007, Megan has also been working as an alternative model and has been featured in many national and international publications, including over 18 magazine covers. [6] ​ She currently tattoos at the Wooster St. Social Club, one of the hottest tattoo shops in Manhattan and the location for NY Ink. [3]

Personal Life and Advocacy

Megan Massacre's PETA2 ​ ad

A vegetarian supporter of animal rights, Megan has worked with PETA2 ​ in an ad campaign about being vegetarian and has translated these efforts as she has started to showcase hot cruelty-free makeup looks and products with various cosmetic companies. In her free time, Megan enjoys cooking and experimenting with vegetarian ​ and vegan ​ recipes, drinking way too much coffee, and painting. [3]

Youtube Video
Megan Massacre's Worst Tattoo | America's Worst Tattoos

In 2014, she appeared on the TV show America's Worst Tattoos , where she explained to fellow tattoo artist Tim Pangburn that she needs to get a tattoo covered up on her leg. [16] ​ Her ex-boyfriend was supposed to draw a tattoo of a zombie with a razor blade and flowers; she and Pangburn both agreed it looked like an alien. [16]

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