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Mone Smith is an American Rapper, Songwriter and MC, born in the city of Los Angeles. She currently resides in Leimert Park, Los Angeles. She is known popularly by her stage name Medusa The goddess (aka The Angela Davis of Hip Hop)[1]

Music Career


Medusa started off as a pop-locker at the age of 16.

Pop-locking with the Groove-Atrons gave her talents a platform to win the Best Female Dancer in the 1st Hip Hop Dance Awards at The Palladium.

Backed by her band Feline Science where she is the lead vocalist in the group, she is a revolutionary force to be reckoned with, whether she’s in soul-singing or freestyle mode.

Her first release, the EP “Do It the Way You Feel It” (Goodvibe, 1999), cemented Medusa’s local fan base and earned admirers overseas.

She has also received a Grammy with the band Ozomatlu and LA Weekly has voted MEDUSA “BEST HIP-HOP ARTIST” two years in a row. She was part of the hot line up for the Beats for Peace Tour with Slum Village, Pharoahe Monch, Anwar Superstar, The Jazz and Hip-hop Orchestra, Super Natural, and Cee-Lo.[3]

Medusa is on a Goddess list of her own as she has been compared to various amazing artiste like;

  • Gil-Scott Heron for their ways of expressing the revolutionary state of mind

  • Chuck D.

  • Lauren Hill for having the ability to posses an international talent in the voice world

  • The Game, who’s a versatile heavy hitter on speaking his life’s truth’s.

In 2007 the Independent Film “Love is a 4 Letter Word” produced by Tanji Miller used two hot singles form Medusa’s up and coming projects, the infamous Bonnie and Clyde single “Here We Go” featuring Big Meezy of Hussle House and the hot grown single from her solo Gangsta Goddess album “Dusty Ball Drop” both Produced by Sol Eternity repin Hussle House.[2]

Movie Career

Her skills are not limited to music alone as she has shown her behind the scene talent in soundtrack production, film scoring and acting.”

Such credits include “Life Is A Traffic Jam,” and “Gridlock” featuring the late Tupac Shakur, and in the sitcom “Moesha” where MEDUSA made an impact on the world as Lady Lunatic.

She wrote, produced, and performed “My Momma Raised a G” for the HBO film “Stranger Inside” in which she played the role of Leisha, and doing voiceovers in “Sistas N The City” playing as Athena. Giving her light and wisdom in the films “No Body Knows My Name” by Rachel Ramose and “Soundz of Spirit” by Joslyn Rose Lyons. Also a winner of Best Editing by Ann Arbor, Official Selection of Harlem International and a Tour, both starring, Phoenix Orion, Aceyalone, 2Mex & Mykah –9. [4]


Medusa was locked up for a year.

She was charged for falsified papers, fraudulent documents, and counterfeit.


Born in the city of Los Angeles, California, Medusa spent her childhood in Pomonal, Victoria and Altadena, California. She grew up with her Aunt Billie Rae Calvin who was a singer and soul songwriter and was always involved with the Norman Whitfield camp, the Motown vibe. In high school, Medusa was pop-locking and writing rhymes, poetry and music.

Medusa is also a motivational speaker, being asked to give her knowledge and opinion at colleges and seminars on the effect of hip-hop on children and women, in relations to culture and life, Medusa has spoken the 26th Annual Black Conscious Conference and at UCLA for the African American Music Festival.


Medusa has also done major features With “The Mackin Game” with Teena Marie and MC Lyte, on Teena Marie’s new album “La Dona” which also features Gerald Levert and Rick James.[5]


  • Whrs DJ Booth?

  • Live

  • Feline Science

Singles & EPs

  • Do It The Way You Feel It

  • Medusa 4

  • One Bad Sissta

Her Songs can be downloaded on various music sites like Spotify, Tidal (service), Napster.


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