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Medium may refer to:



Science and technology

  • Excitable medium, a non-linear dynamic system which has the capacity to propagate a wave
  • Active laser medium (also called gain medium or lasing medium), a quantum system that allows amplification of power (gain) of waves passing through (usually by stimulated emission)
  • Data storage medium, a storage container in computing
  • Growth medium (or culture medium), in biotechnology, an object in which microorganisms or cells experience growth
  • Interplanetary medium, in astronomy, material which fills the solar system
  • Interstellar medium, in astronomy, the matter and energy content that exists between the stars within a galaxy
  • Optical medium, in physics, a material through with electromagnetic waves propagate
  • Porous medium, in engineering and earth sciences, a material that allows fluid to pass through it, such as sand
  • Processing medium, in industrial engineering, a material that plays a role in manufacturing processes
  • Transmission medium, in physics and telecommunications, any material substance which can propagate waves or energy




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