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Maxwell Billieon

Maxwell Billieon

Maxwell Billieon is an American entrepreneur,[40] politician,[33] best-selling author,[42] network television celebrity host,[43] radio/podcast personality[44] and sociopolitical public speaker.[45]

He is Los Angeles County Commissioner for District 14 of the Quality and Productivity Commission, [33] communicated voice of Generation X,[36] and founder of Intellectual property/ Equity (finance) / Venture capital firm The Billieon Group.[46] It's reported that Mr. Billieon is responsible for generating over $100 million in global success.[39]

Early Years

Maxwell was born and raised in a hub city of Los Angeles, CA. In high school he lettered in Track and field and Football and then went to university to study International business.


The Billieon name carries with it a wealth of family heritage in international business, entrepreneurship and community service.

This is the foundation of each and every equity partnership and capital venture that TBG invests in; and in a world where products have taken the place of people, we are happy to invest in family.”

After university, Maxwell began his career in the Music industry as an Artist Development Executive. Working there enabled him to deal with global brands and live in and work in London, Hong Kong, Japan, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Morocco. [5]

Currently, Maxwell is a CEO of The Billieon Group, his family-owned global venture capital company. He is also the on screen consultant of AMC Network's/ WE tv's presentation of Million Dollar Matchmaker. Besides, Maxwell has featured articles in Huffington Post, Transworld Magazine, ESPN.com and Essence Magazine. [5]

In another sector of his public role, Commissioner Billieon has served as Orator for the California branch of the US Black Legislative Caucus as well as Keynote Speaker of community issues spanning the sectors of socio-politics and business to mega-corporations, including Viacom, Facebook, Monster.com — and various Philanthropic organization s. [5]

As a Radio host he has been given the Moniker"The Voice of Generation X" for his ability to boisterously mold and impact the lives of the next generation on his radio show, "Mornings with Maxwell". [7]


Hermerica: How Modern Women Go From Victim To Victimizer And The Roles That Men Play (2014)

Death of the Cheating Man: What Every Woman Must Know About Men Who Stray (2012)


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