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Maxo is an American rapper who hails from Southern California.[1]

Personal Life

Maxo is from Ladera Heights, California about 20 miles out from Long Beach. He grew up in a condo with his mother, father, older brother Myles Allen and younger brother Elijah. Maxo was inspired to rap by his older brother Myles.


His first EP Snow Other was released on PC Music on the label PC Music in 2014.

He followed it up the next year with a project released on Bandcamp under the cassette label Burnt Tapes called After Hours that touched primarily on what it feels like to grow up as a black person in America.

In 2017 Maxo was signed to Def Jam Recordings a fitting place to end up after rapping the year before: [11]

"I'll probably never get a deal/But if I do I hope it's Def Jam."

In 2019, Maxo release an album called LIL BIG MAN featuring some of the best names in lo-fi rap including lastnamedavid, Vik, Swarvy, and Roper Williams.[2]


Maxo has released the following projects: [3][4]

  • After Hours (2015)

  • Smile (2018)

  • Lil Big Man (2019)


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