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Matt Ganzak (born May 28, 1983) is a Business Development Consultant, Marketing Expert, and Author based in Naples, Florida. [1] His success and expertise have been featured in The Huffington Post, Forbes, and Sirius XM as well as shared in podcasts, on YouTube tutorials and his best-selling book, Million Dollar Plan. [13] [16] [6]

Education and Career

Matt Ganzak surfing in Costa Rica

Ganzak attended the University of North Florida. [1] In from 2003-2008, he was running traditional advertising campaigns with great success. Ganzak had moved $1 million in product through an organization he built with his company and was bringing in $20,000 a month in sales. Yet when the Great Recession hit in 2007-2008, Ganzak admits that he failed to build on his success and evolve his company in the growing digital landscape. He ended up going completely broke and sold all of his belongings to move to New York City with only a few hundred dollars in his pocket. [14]

It was during this humbling experience that Ganzak learned how to successfully launch ad campaigns in a digital space. He put it upon himself to become an expert in online marketing, mastering how to use Facebook advertising, Google AdWords, YouTube marketing and other social media marketing platforms and translate his knowledge into success. [14] Ganzak moved back to Florida and has since started successful businesses, authored a best-selling book on Amazon, and launched several software platforms. [7] [1]

Business Ventures

Matt Ganzak with Daymond John

Some of the software programs Ganzak started have covered a wide range of business needs ranging from SaaS to consumer applications. PriceMatch Pro is a smart pricing app that recognizes what the user buys and alerts the user when the price drops. PressDemand is a PR platform for small business owners to pitch media outlets locally and nationally. In 2017, Ganzak founded MyCredits, the first digital loyalty program for information marketers and social influencers. Ganzak is the Director of Business Development at Renew IV Wellness, a modern wellness spa located in Tampa. [1]

ScaleUP Media and ScaleUP Academy

Ganzak launched ScaleUP Media, a consulting firm that specializes in improving businesses' Search Engine Optimization. Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Website Hosting. [1] Ganzak started the ScaleUP Academy in 2012 as a program to help businesses grow their online presence. ScaleUP Academy's marketing training guides teach entrepreneurs SEO, website development, WordPress, Infusionsoft, Facebook Marketing, and other strategies to create success online for businesses. [1]

Million Dollar Plan

Matt Ganzak wrote his best-selling book in 48 hours

In 2016, Ganzak authored the book "Million Dollar Plan: Leveraging Technology to Scale. In it, Ganzak offers a blueprint for businesses to turn online storefronts into profit generating machines and explains in detail automation systems for marketing and sales, creating better reporting and tracking systems, leveraging online systems for prospecting, and more. Ganzak earned a spot in Amazon's top 100 business books of April 2016 and has garnered a 4.5-star rating from consumer reviews. [7]


Matt has used his success to give back to others in need, especially in times of disaster. In 2005, Matt helped raise $250,000 in relief funds to help communities rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. In his own hometown of Naples, Ganzak has raised over $100,000 to feed the less fortunate. [3]

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