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Matt and Amanda Clarkson

Matt and Amanda Clarkson

Matt and Amanda Clarkson founded eBay Magic Course and Bidding Buzz in 2006. The two corporations merged shortly after the initial establishment. The educational platform works cohesively with the online tutorial to produce a dynamic duo. The Clarksons base their operations out of Queensland, Australia. The couple was recently interviewed by Kerry-Ann.

Matt and Amanda Clarkson are successful entrepreneurs, business mentors, and educators.

From humble beginnings in their native Australia, the couple has achieved financial and personal success through hard work and a singular understanding of online retail marketplaces.

Today, the couple travels the globe, sharing their proven business strategies with others in an effort to help individuals reach similar levels of financial success.


In their home in Perth, Australia, the Clarksons faced an uncertain financial future.

Amanda had tried several business ventures, including time spent as a personal fitness trainer, and was left frustrated by the experience.

Matt was a carpenter by trade, working back-breaking construction jobs in his area.

The demands of physical labor caused him to be injured and his body was no longer able to handle the workload.

The couple researched other avenues for employment, especially the potential of online sales.

They found out that online retail marketplaces like eBay and Amazon offered merchants a chance to work from home, and this made sense to them.

In 2006, the couple launched their first eBay storefront.

A steady stream of income soon followed, and within a few months, the Clarksons achieved Bronze seller status on the platform.

Soon after, sales continued to skyrocket, propelling them to the coveted eBay Platinum status.

All told, their eBay venture netted the couple millions of dollars in sales, all with just a few hours a week of work to manage their storefront.

A Passion for Sharing Success

The Clarksons have a passion for helping others achieve financial and personal success.

To that end, the couple embarked on a journey to share the lessons they learned as eBay sellers.

Their first endeavor was eBay Magic, an online course that taught individuals the very same tools and techniques the couple used to make millions of dollars on the eBay marketplace.

Bidding Buzz was the next educational venture, an interactive online tutorial program designed to teach individuals the proven methods to achieve success selling products on the web.

The Clarksons have also written several educational books, available on Amazon in Kindle and print formats.

Their best-selling titles include:

  • The Magic of Making Money on eBay

  • 12 Steps to eBay Riches: Unlocking the Secrets to the World’s Easiest Lifestyle Business

  • 1001 eBay Success Secrets: Secrets Exposed from eBay Millionaires

Today, the couple operates Easy Home Business, their latest online training program.

As internationally-known speakers, the Clarksons have earned a reputation for helping others live the dream of financial security.

They know that many people are dissatisfied with traditional employment, and that many of those individuals can achieve success through online sales.

Their coursework was developed using the couple’s own research and extensive experience in online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

A steady, sustainable stream of income is possible, and managing an online storefront only takes 10 hours per week, according to their tutorials.

Their primary secret is to take advantage of automation tools offered by the retail platforms, freeing up storefront operators to enjoy the fruits of their success.

Armed with their own experiences, the couple has helped thousands work from home in a rewarding, financially secure profession filled with boundless growth opportunities.



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