Mason Ramsey

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Mason Ramsey (November 16, 2006) is an 11-year-old singer from Golconda, Illinois. He came to prominence after a video of him yodeling in Walmart was uploaded online in early April 2018. [1]


Mason and his grandpa Ernest Ramsey

Mason has been living with his grandparents, Ernest and Frances Ramsey since he was three weeks old. He has been singing since he was three-years-old. [9] Mason's favorite artist is Hank Williams and has earned the "Little Hank" after his renditions of Williams' music. [8] [9] At the age of four, Mason sang for Josh Turner at the Carson Center and the next year opened for Gene Watson. [14] When he was six, Mason learned how to play guitar and at the age of seven he sang with Kenny Rogers on a Christmas TV show. [14]

On March 24, 2018, Ramsey sang Hank Williams' " Lovesick Blues " at a Walmart in Harrisburg, Illinois. Ramsey has sung at the Walmart in the past. A video of him was uploaded on YouTube on March 26, and went viral, with Walmart tweeting a clip of the video on April 2. [11] [13] A number of memes and remixes of Ramsey singing have been uploaded including an EDM remix. [12] [22] [20]

On April 13, 2018, Ramsey performed at Coachella alongside DJ Whethan. [23]

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