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Marko Jukic is a theoretical linguist based in San Francisco.[1] He has written about and has been featured in Hacker Noon over his thoughts of what is wrong with language learning in its current form.[3]


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IQ TALK #4: Marko Jukic

Marko's father worked for the government, and both of his parents spoke five languages with various levels of fluency.[4] As a child, the first language Marko became fluent in was Slovene.[4] He mainly grew up speaking Croatian and English and learned French and German in school while picking up Azeri while he lived in Azerbaijan when he was 10. Jukic attended Northwestern University and studied Arabic, Russian, and Latin. He would drop out to pursue theoretical language study independently.[4]

Marko is a theoretical linguist and describes his job as the study of language through developing explanations and models for how they work. He tests the models on himself and others and improves them based on experience.[4] Currently, Marko has substantial knowledge of between 6-7 languages.[+]

Marko has lived in a number of cities and countries including Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Chicago, Serbia, Bahamas, Netherlands, and others.[1] He is an investor in cryptocurrency.[4]

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