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197 revenue, employees, location, facts is a website that tracks the market capitalizations and prices of EOS.IO tokens. [2] It was launched by William Franceschine in January 2019. [1] As of February, 2019 it tracks 100+ tokens with a total marketcap of over $400 million. [2] At present, it gets all of its data from Newdex.[3]

In February 2019, released an EOS Dominance feature that tracks total marketcap of all tokens in relation to the total marketcap for EOS. At the time of release, EOS dominance was 11%, 24% for fully diluted. [4]


Total Marketcap means the value of all circulating tokens. Calculated by multiplying the token price by the circulating supply. [2] Fully Diluted means the value of all tokens. Calculated by multiplying the token price by total supply. [2]

Circulating supply means the number of tokens available to be traded. [2] Total supply means all tokens that exist, including those yet to be mined or otherwise untradeable. [2]

EOS Dominance means the share of EOS marketcap. Calculated by dividing Total Marketcap or Fully Diluted for all tokens by the corresponding EOS figure.

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