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Mark Vanderpump was a British socialite in the city of London. [1] [2] He was a Businessman and DJ remembered for making the effort to enjoy his life in his later years. [3] He was the brother of reality television star, Lisa Vanderpump. [4]

Mark Vanderpump at his private plane.


Vanderpump was born and raised in England. [5] He grew up in Essex county for most of his life and also lived in the city of London. [6] [7] [8] He has a sister named Lisa who survives him. [9]


Mark attended the prestigious Alleyn's School where he improved his mathematical skills and studied Computer science. [10]

Vintage photo of Mark Vanderpump with his sister.


Since the late 1970s, Mark worked as a businessman which allowed him to obtain property throughout London and other parts of England. [11] [12]

In The Media


On May 12th, 2018, the press and the media revealed that Mark Vandepump died of an alleged drug overdose. [13] On April 30th, 2018, Mark was found inside of his house unresponsive. When medical helped arrived, they tried to revive him, but he had passed away. [14]

Mark Vanderpump with his young friends.

Investigators have yet to determine whether the overdose was accidental or suicide. [15]

Her sister, Lisa, has yet to offer a public statement about the death of her brother. She is said to be looking after her nephews. Lisa has not taken to social media and has not been seen in public since the announcement of her brother's death. [16]

Personal Life


Mark was married for 22 years and had two sons from the marriage. After he divorced his wife, he decided to use his wealth to infiltrate England's party scene. [17] [18]

Mark Vanderpump DJing.


A hobby that Mark took up some time after his divorce, he started to DJ at high-scale nightclubs. The activity of DJing at popular clubs allowed him to make an endless amount of friends. [19]

Gold digger

While also taken up DJing as a hobby, he also started dating younger women and going as far as to fly them over from other countries such as Brazil to spend time with him. [20]

He admitted that the kind of money he makes allows him to date younger women who wouldn't otherwise give him a chance. He had lots of girlfriends and enjoyed their company. He often dated 3 to 4 women at a time. [21]

He once propositioned to date a woman during live on the air of a radio programme. The women initially turned him down until he offered to get her a ring that cost nearly 35 thousand pounds. [22]

He was a part of a documentary about women whose livelihood consist of being Gold Diggers. Mark appears in the documentary as a man who often pays such women to socialize with him. [23] [24]


Mark had properties in Chigwell, Essex, London, and Gloucestershire. [25]

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