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Marcus Hiles is a Dallas / Fort Worth area property developer, entrepreneur, real estate investor, and philanthropist. He is the founder and CEO of Western Rim Property Services and Mansions Custom Homes, two property development firms based in Texas. [8] Both companies have been established in line with Marcus’ principle objectives, which are to provide quality homes in the best locations. With Western Rim, Hiles provides such homes at affordable cost, offering great value to customers. With Mansions Custom Homes, the goal is to provide the finest quality housing options, with the very best luxury features available. [7] He is also a wine enthusiast who has recently launched his own private label. His collection is called The Magnificent Cellar . [6]

Origins and History

In both cases, Hiles achieves his objectives by way of his experience, commitment, and outstanding business abilities. A lifelong entrepreneur with a seemingly inborn talent for sales, Marcus comes from a strictly middle-class family. With a fairly modest background, he did not have the luxury of privilege so common to many who have achieved a similar degree of success. Consequently, he had only his own modest savings to rely on in order to get his start in the real estate industry. Despite the numerous obstacles and challenges that he faced however, Hiles persevered in establishing a career in the real estate industry. [13]

Western Rim Property Services

Today, Western Rim and Mansions Custom Homes manages and owns a combined total of over 10,000 townhouses, apartments, and homeowner associations, which have either been completed or are in various stages of completion. [9] Most of these properties are located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, in communities such as Tyler, Prosper, Rockwall, North Richland Hills, and Collin County. The two firms have also developed residential properties in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio neighborhoods.

Western Rim Property Services has established a reputation for elegant homes designed for the ultimate in luxury living. All together, the company has owned, developed, or currently manages more than 25,000 apartment units, which are either presently occupied or in the latter stages of planning. Along with Mansions Custom Homes, Western Rim Property Services stands as a shining example of the gold standard in residential properties in Texas. [14]

As chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services and Mansions Custom Homes, Hiles plays a crucial role in the management of both organizations. His commitment to excellence is such that he demands nothing less than the very best from his employees. He continually strives to exceed the already high standards that he has established with both firms, not only maintaining the cutting-edge of the real estate industry, but always working to raise the bar even higher. For the hardworking and dedicated CEO, the quest for excellence is never ending, and he displays that commitment in every aspect of his work.


Western Rim Property Services, initiated by Hiles, regularly donate land [42] , plant trees [41] , and provide monetary donations [✔] to individuals and organizations in Dallas/Fort Worth areas.


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