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Manu Worldstar

Manu Worldstar

Manu Worldstar aka Emmanuel Mumbili Mutendji is a South Africa-born Congolese hip-hop artist, 23 Years of Age. Manu hit the big time with his debut single Nalingi, He is on his way to blowing up in the music industry.[1]


Manu first increased national approval in 2017 when he contended in the mainstream Hip Hop ability search, Vuzu Hustle, in the end setting in the best 10.

Manu WorldStar started his career as an R&B artist before becoming a rapper.[2]

2018 saw Manu further his reach with an international licensing deal with Sony Music and a co- management deal with VTH Season.

In July 2018, Manu released Nalingi, his first major single.Nalingi

has since gone viral across the continent and beyond and topped several major charts, both on radio and TV.[3]

Manu WorldStar is recognised as one of 2018’s biggest breakthrough acts, Manu WorldStar has received an endorsement from music television network, Trace TV, by featuring him in their coveted Bout To Blow (BTB) segment.

He is currently Signed to Sony Music Entertainment.

The opening melody "Youthful African Story," which is destined to be the undertaking's lead single, is the nearest the EP finds a workable pace.

The craftsman thinks about his ascent over a heartfelt out of control instrumental, serenading his audience members for a large portion of the tune, conveying a short and smooth rap stanza towards the end, rapping, "Youthful, dark resident/Young dark foreigner/Young, dark, killin' it," before devoting the tune to whoever's attempting to discover their way.


The entire undertaking flourishes with appealing melodies that you'll be chiming in to on first tune in.

The melody "Lease" is anthemic with a wide snare that is made for fields and world cup opening functions.

Afro pop and Afrobeats are two most predominant creation styles, with the majority of the melodies expecting those structures by method for appealing drum designs, natural sounds and Manu's vocal style.

Delineated impeccably on "Likely arrangement[8]," "Sheba[7]" and obviously "Nalingi."[6]

With its unitary completeness, Young African Story includes particular tunes that are anything but difficult to begin to look all starry eyed at on account of their shortsighted nature, relatable verses and danceability.

Youthful African Story comes a year since the arrival of "Nalingi," the craftsman's legitimate breakout single.

During the EP's discharge party the previous evening, it was reported that the single had gone gold, and the craftsman was given his plaque.


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