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Manu "Swish" Goswami is an award-winning Canadian serial tech entrepreneur, innovator, and venture capitalist. [1]


Manu attended the Connect Charter School (formerly Calgary Science School) from grades 4 to 9, and Webber Academy, a university preparatory school that has been ranked as one of Canada’s top private schools, from grades 10 to 12. He was part of many sports teams and clubs at both schools, including student council, varsity basketball and volleyball, and Canada’s national debate team. By age 16, he had already started six high impact ventures in seven industries, one of which won Southwest Alberta’s Company of the Year in 2014. Manu also attended the Politics and Public Policy, U.S. Foreign Policy program at The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars in 2016. He is the youngest person in the history of TWC to be selected for the program. Goswami graduated from the University of Toronto in 2017, with a bachelor's degree in Peace, Conflict, and Justice Studies with Ethics, Society, and Law. He also holds a Black belt from Provincial Martial Arts Association. [2]


Manu started and continues to be part of a multitude of organizations in the nonprofit, business, communications, innovation and technology space. His impressive resume includes RafikiMedia (Co-Founder and CEO), FoodShare (Founder and CEO), The Next Foundry (Co-Founder and Managing Director), LinkedIn (Youth Editor), JB Fitzgerald Venture Capital (Business Development Associate), Technotronics (CEO and Co-Founder), Trufan (Founder and CEO), Dunk (Executive Board Member), and LocalX (Co-founder). [2]

In November 2016, Manu was contacted by Trevor Booker, power forward for the Brooklyn Nets, about pursuing certain business interests together. Three months after meeting in Toronto, Manu was hired as a Business Development Associate for Trevor’s venture capital firm. Along with that, he has been a Youth Ambassador for the United Nations since March 2016, was previously Canada’s Youth Representative for the United Nations Youth Associations Network, and was a National Youth Ambassador for Plan. Manu has been featured in over 100 national and international publications including Forbes, Mashable and Entrepreneur. [3]

He has also held various consulting and coaching positions at other organizations, including, but not limited to, G8 Research Group, 180 Degrees Consulting and ViMi Technologies Ltd. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies on promoting investments on social and digital media platforms. Manu has also been heavily involved in public speaking, as a guest lecturer and a keynote speaker at events such as the United Nations Youth Associations Network, We Day, TED, World Speech Day, Hootsuite, LOI Generation Z Summit, Nspire Innovation Network, Millennial Success Virtual Summit, and American Express (Millennial Network). His talks focus on personal branding, social entrepreneurship and on his ideas and experiences in creative thinking. His TED talk focuses on social entrepreneurship, or the idea of using standard business practices and techniques to address or solve social issues. Manu is writing a book called "The Young Entrepreneur" that will be released in late 2019 through U.K. publisher Kogan Page. [2] [3]

Personal Life

Goswami as born on April 14, 1997 in Singapore, where he studied at Princess Elizabeth Primary School before moving to Calgary in 2004. At 7 years old, Manu tried to start a business by taking the neighbour’s flowers out of their gardens, creating bouquets, and selling the bouquet back to them. Though this endeavour did not last very long, it did solidify his beliefs that "entrepreneurship was a field not restricted by age". Manu began a hovercraft business with his father when he was 10, donating the money from the first and only hovercraft to a local orphanage. In his youth, Manu discovered that his lisp speech impediment had gotten worse, however he decided to embrace it rather than try to hide or correct it. To this date, Manu credits debate and public speaking for helping him overcome it. He was never bullied because of his impediment, but is conscious of the stigma associated to people with verbal, physical, and mental impediments. Manu’s experience instilled his beliefs in the importance of positive social impacts and anti-bullying awareness. [1]


Manu has won several accolades for his entrepreneurship and innovation. Below is a list of notable achievements:

  • "Global Shapers from World Economic Forum", March 2017
  • "One of the world’s most accomplished teenagers", Future Sharks, January 2017
  • "Entrepreneur of the Month" from University of Toronto Mississauga Entrepreneur’s Club, February 2017
  • "100 Fastest Growing Canadian Startups" for RafikiMedia, Strategy Magazine, November 2016
  • "Face and Future of Canadian Entrepreneurship", UPS Store, November 2016
  • "10 Gen Z Experts to Follow", Forbes, May 2017
  • "Social Rockstar of Tomorrow", Social Media Today, November 2016
  • "Young Changemaker of the Year", Social Enablers, October 2016
  • "Young Entrepreneur of the Year", Startup Canada, September 2016
  • "Global Grand Finalist", 2015 World Schools Debating Championships, August 2015
  • "Canada’s Top 20 Under 20" Plan Canada, June 2015
  • "Semi-Finalist", Oxford Schools Debating Championships, March 2015
  • "Global Semi-Finalist", World Schools Debating Championships, August 2014
  • "Multi-Time Second Best Debater in the Americas", Pan American Debating Championships, April 2014
  • "Company of the Year – Southwest Alberta", Junior Achievement's 2014 Company of the Year in Southwest Alberta, 2014

Advocacy, activism, and volunteering

Apart from his many ventures, Manu is an advocate for mental health and youth entrepreneurship. In high school, he advocated for his beliefs through Alberta’s Ministry of Education, Leave the Pack Behind Initiative, and the Progeria Research Foundation. Today, he participates in activism through his position as an ambassador for the Centre of Addiction and Mental Health’s ThoughtSpot initiative, World Vision International, and the United Nations. Manu previously volunteered for Children of Hope Uganda, The Legacy Project and for Minister of Veterans Affairs (Canada) Kent Hehr. Manu also donates his time by being a member of the Board of Directors for the Canadian Student Debating Federation. [2]

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Manu Goswami Ted Talk "The Golden Age of Social Entrepreneurship"
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