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Magnet Mount

Magnet Mount

Magnet Mount is an American ecommerce business that specializes in phone mounts and phone accessories.

[1]It was founded in January 2018 by Cooper Weiss and Gavin Cornelius.



Magnet Mount was created as a solution to clunky and uncomfortable phone mounts that already existed on the market and provided a sleek and simple alternative to them.

[1]The company is based in Los Angeles which is where the fulfillment center is located, but has employees all over the world.

[1]The CEO, Cooper Weiss, previously was the pioneer in the creation of the fidget spinner trend.

[1]CMO Gavin Cornelius is a specialist in online traffic and conversion and is one of the top direct response marketers.

[1]The CTO is Zach Malter.


A picture of the Magnet Mount 2.0

A picture of the Magnet Mount 2.0

The company's first product was the Magnet Mount 2.0. [1]It works by placing a magnetic sticker on the customer's phone between their case which then sticks to the device on your their vent or dashboard.

[1]Magnet Mount 3.0 additionally has a wireless charging feature with the product.

[1]Instead of using the drop shipping model, Magnet Mount has priority 2-4 day shipping for all orders.

Sales and Growth

The company's website, themagnetmount.com, receives over 100K visitors per month.

They currently have over $200K a month in sales and are projected to have over $2 million in revenue by the end of 2018.

As of July 2018, the Magnet Mount Instagram account had around 50K followers.



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