Macrina Perez

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Macrina Perez is a Mexican - American drug trafficker who led the biggest Meth trafficking cell in the state of Minnesota. [1] After a few years of being charged in a sealed indictment based on tips from anonymous informants, she was arrested in April, 2018, at the U.S./Mexican border. [2] [3]

Full mugshot of Macrina Perez that has been shared by the press.

Personal Life & Activities

Perez is a native of the state of Minnesota and has lived in the state and also in the country of Mexico throughout her life. [4] She is the mother of two children and she is also married. [5]

Criminal Background

Perez, according to sources from law enforcement, allegedly has been tied to Mexican drug cartels. In 2014, Perez left the United States after being questioned by Rogers Police concerning a meth shipment that she and a 16 year-old tried to pick from a hotel. The two women, along with Perez' fiancee fled to Mexico after the questioning. [6] [7]

In The Media

Drug Trafficking CEO

On April, 2018, Perez was arrested U.S.-Mexico border after being charged two years earlier in a sealed indictment based on tips from informants whose identities remain secret. Perez and her husband played a great role in supplying wholesale amounts of meth to the Twin Cities metropolitan area. [8] She is allegedly the leader of a stash house/ cell in the Brooklyn Center area that was taken down by DEA law enforcement agents on May 2016. [9] The police netted a historic 140 pounds of meth found throughout the home. Much of it was packed tightly into plastic quart-sized bags for distribution, but agents also found liquid meth cooling in a freezer and residue left behind in roasting pans in the kitchen. [10] [11]

Although she has been arrested and is being held in prison, Perez may soon win early release, under GPS monitoring, to await trial after her attorney successfully lobbied against federal detention. Countering prosecutors’ assertions that Perez is a cartel operative, attorney Gary Wolf argued that as a U.S. citizen with family in the U.S., she does not pose a flight risk. [12]

The amount, and purity, of meth Perez is accused of supplying will carry the possibility of decades in prison, potentially a life sentence. [13]

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