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The Luxury Car Graveyard is a car lot in Dubai. Its space is used for collecting abandoned luxury cars across the UAE.



As early as 2009, it was reported that a large number of luxury cars were being abandoned across the UAE, particularly in at the Dubai International Airport. [19]

Several people claimed that this was due to the financial crisis of 2007–08, which severely impacted the United Arab Emirates' real estate and financial services markets. This allegedly caused a lot of millionaires to accumulate a lot of debt and default on loans for their supercars and fled the city to escape possible imprisonment. [16] [19]

The UAE has no bankruptcy laws, as the country is run under Sharia Law. Because there is no protection for those slipping into debt, and because non-payment of debt is a criminal offense under Sharia Law, non-payment of debt is a criminal offense (even accidentally). [16]

In 2009, about 3,000 abandoned cars were discovered at the Dubai International Airport. They were removed from the premises and taken to a parking lot. [21] If the owner fails to respond within 15 days, the car will be taken to a police scrapyard where it can still be reclaimed for a small fee. [16]

The scrapyard would later be known on the Internet as the "Luxury Car Graveyard" after car enthusiasts due to the condition in which the cars were when they were taken to the parking lot. They were left dusty and were thought to never be used again due to the high temperature and long-term exposure to the sun. [21]

In correlation with this statistic, 1,500 visas a day were being canceled. [16]

Several cars were found in the Abu Dhabi International Airport, as well. [16]


While the issue of abandoned luxury cars in Dubai was first discovered in UAE's airports, the problem widened to other locations, including other parking lots and roads. As UAE authorities noticed the problem expanding, municipalities provided warnings to abandoned car owners to move and/or clean them. [17]

According to Gulf News (a news publisher in Dubai), over 2,000 cars were seized by the Dubai Municipality and the Sharjah Municipality in 2013 and 2014, respectively. They were taken away after the car owners were issued a warning and a grace period to remove their vehicle from the location. [17]

The same article notes an increase in the number of seizures and warnings from 2013 and 2014. [17]

Luxury Car Owners

Although most of the luxury car owners have not been identified, it has been said that the majority of people who owned these sports cars are expatriates, particularly British. [18] [22] However, others stated that many of these cars belong to locals as they try to keep up with their peers in UAE's extravagant car culture. [16]

Some of the cars were stolen or involved in other crimes. [23]

Out of the 23 cars confiscated by the police in 2012, 10 belonged to Emiratis, 7 to Europeans, 1 to a Russian expatriate, and the remaining 5 were owned by companies. [23]

Luxury Cars Abandoned in Dubai

The luxury cars taken to the luxury car graveyard include:

Ferrari Enzo

The $1.6 million Ferrari Enzo (limited edition) collecting dust in Dubai's luxury car graveyard

The most discussed sports car taken to the lot is a limited edition Ferrari Enzo; only 399 models of the latter car were made. [20] The $1.6 million car belonged to a British expat who had left it in a parking lot for more than 20 months. It is thought the owner was being chased for unpaid traffic fines. [23]

The Ferrari Enzo was seized in June 2011. [23]

The Ferrari Enzo went up for auction on April 25, 2012, along with 22 other luxury vehicles in a special supercar police sale. [23]

Acura NSX

The abandoned Acura NSX before it was impounded by police

Another vehicle that stands out is the yellow 1992 Acura NSX. It had 17-inch OZ wheels, which were the only parts of the car that weren't part of car when it was originally bought.

Its interior features contrasting stitching, an option that was only offered from 1992. [24] [29]

It was parked in front of a dumpster on the left side of the road. [24]

Abandoned Luxury Cars in Dubai for Sale

As early as 2012, [16] it has been reported that many of these luxury cars have been put up for sale. Once the Dubai Police confirm the car owner's financial liabilities, they put these cars in the special auctions. Only impounded vehicles that have not been damaged and are not reclaimed get put up for sale. [15]

These cars are not sold publicly. They are only sold and bought in private auctions. To enter, one must be a professional car dealer who is invited directly to the event, or one should have strong contacts to get into the auction; car dealers are given foremost priority. [15]

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