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Lori Hayden

Lori Hayden

Lori Hayden was an American resident of Madison, Maine. [0] [1] [3]

Personal Life

Hayden was the mother of Dustin Tuttle and the wife of Carroll Tuttle Jr. [0] [3]


On July 5, 2017, Carroll Tuttle Jr. shot and killed Lori, their son Dustin Tuttle, their neighbor, Michael Spaulding, and wounded another relative before police fatally shot Carroll. [0] [3]

The shootings happened at several places along a country road about 4 miles from the center of town in Madison, Maine. [0] [3]

Authorities describe the shootings as domestic violence-related killings. [0] [3]

Hayden and her son were shot at her their home at 316 Russell Road, while Spaulding was shot at his home at 299 Russell Road.

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Harvey Austin was transported to Eastern Maine to be treated and is expected to survive. [3] [0]


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