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Jazz Butler professionally known as Lil Tracy is an American Rapper from Virginia, who is a former member of the rap collective GothBoiClique.

Personal Life

Butler was born in 1997 as the son of two musicians. His father, Ishmael Butler, was part of the experimental hip-hop group Shabazz Palaces. His mother, Coco Clemens, is from the popular 1990s girl group Sisters With Voices. [1]

Musical Career

Before using his current stage name Lil Tracy was known as Yung Bruh, and he used the names Yunng Karma, Souljahwitch, and Toreshi Minaj as other personas in the past. [2] During his time as Yung Bruh, he was part of the Seattle and Los Angeles Thraxxhouse collective, where he released a number of projects such as elegantangel , when angels cry (death has wings) , and u,_u. Here he was able to carve out his distinctive sound as a mash-up between emo and gothic rap and alternative rock. In 2016 Butler added Lil Peep to his newly-formed collective GothBoiClique, which enabled him to further hone down on his sound. The duo from have teamed up on a number of projects,such as their joint EP Castles and singles "Gods" and "i crash, u crash". Lil Tracy also features on Peep’s Crybaby and Hellboy projects. [2]

Musical style

Similarly to his music, Lil Tracy has a unique style not seen by many other rappers. Tracy typically sports a dyed hair look with colors ranging from blond, to orange, and red. He is a big fan of anime and manga, and he sometimes dresses up as those characters, including in his music video "Fell Asleep In The Bando". [1]

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