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Lil Tecca

Lil Tecca

Lil Tecca (born August 26, 2002) is a rapper from Queens. He is known for his songs "Ransom", "Love Me", and "Molly Girl."

Early Life

Tecca, real name Tyler Sharpe, was born in Queens.

Tecca's father used to be a singer, although Tecca has never heard his music to this day.

He played basketball growing up, but once he knew he had no chance at the NBA, he stared pursuing music.


Tecca started rapping becasue of XBOX.

He stated that while gaming, him and his friends would diss eachother with diss-tracks.

The first song he ever recorded was a diss- track on XBOX live, that he later put on SoundCloud.

In 2018, his single "My Time" broke records when it became the first track to ever hit 1 Million plays on Soundcloud.

As of June 2019, Lil Tecca has 84,000 followers on Soundcloud.

His most recent single "Ransom" has over 20M streams and has a music video accompanied with it that is directed by Cole Bennett.

He is also prominent on Instagram, where he has 475,000 followers. His YouTube has 103,000 subscribers as well.

Toronto Controversy

Tecca got in some hot water when he was accused of stealing a song by a Toronto artist.

Tecca states he saw a song by the artist LB and was mesmerized by the amount of views, although he did not like the song.

Months later he found a beat similar to the song online and decided to make a track on it.

After posting the song, Tecca started to recieve a lot of hate for allegedly stealing LB's flow.

This controversey caused him to gain over 200,000 followers in one week.


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