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Lil Menace

Lil Menace

Lil Menace (born January 1, 1985) is a Chicano rapper from Huntington Park, California. Born Johnny Kampa and Raised in Huntington Park, Lil Menace grew up as related in his music.[1]


Johnny was raised in South Los Angeles. His parents divorced when he was young. “I'm an only child, so I just remember (wondering), ‘is this happening because of me?’ And really never got real clarity out of anything from my family, so I was always trying to be a part of something.”

He lived with his grandmother in a rough area, and before long, Johnny joined a gang and started getting high.

Lil Menace began rapping at age 16.

Influenced by Eazy-E, Lil Rob, Cali Life Style and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, his delivery and flow heavily mirrored the style Lil Rob created. When Lil Menace was 18, he had to leave the gang scene to take care of his mother after she was diagnosed with cancer.


In early 2001 Lil Menace began his professional career with "The World Is Mine" (2001), versions of which were released by both Boulevard Records (U.S.) and Roc-La-Familia. In 2002, Lil Menace brought out his second album, "The Bad Guy" on his own label, "Sweet n Crazy Records".

He has been honored by MUN2 TV as one of the best Latin Gangster Rap artists to hit the scene.

The "Raza Nation Foundation" (RNF) awarded him the Chicano Rapper of The Year prize twice (in 2002 and 2004).

Lil Menace signed to PR Records in May 2006 to release his 3rd album "Down 2 Ride".

The album has appearances from Roger Troutman, Rocky Pandilla and Mr. Shadow.


In 2007 Lil Menace signed to Hi Power Entertainment released his 4th studio album entitled "I'm Still Here"[4]


As his popularity increased, the stress of the music industry brought on a new habit and new problems.

He began to chase money and acceptance, and that pursuit got the better of him.

Over time, he also distanced himself from his wife and they separated.

One day, Johnny was arrested for gun possession.

He called his family for help.

He recounted his bitter experience that

“Nobody would talk to me.

My mom wouldn’t answer my phone call.

My grandmother wouldn’t answer my phone call.

My wife didn't want to answer my phone call.

Nobody did.

It was like I was cut off from the outside world.”[2]



Lil Menance moved in with his girlfriend, they had a daughter and he started distancing himself from the gangs.

Life was good

“We had a big wedding, and then we bought some cars.

I've moved my family out the hood and we actually got a nice little pad now in a nice area and we're traveling around the world.”

After his stint in the prison, he became a Christian and reunited with his wife who also accepted Christ.

They now have three daughters and their love is stronger.


Some of his songs over the years can easily be accessed on Spotify, YouTube and other media outlets. Surenos Most Wanted Life, I Miss You (Dedicated 2 My Tio), Dedicated 2 La Raza (Intro), Just For A Lil' While, Shake That A$$ Mija, Why You Hating On Me, Watch Your Back (clean), Its Time 2 Go, My Love Letter, Roll It Up (clean), Forever Mine, Roll It Up, Down 4 da One Three, and a host of others [3]


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