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Light Watkins is an American Vedic Meditation ​ teacher and author based in Los Angeles who's work is known for helping people to easily understand the purpose of meditation in doing with ease. [1] [2]

Light Watkins as cartoon doing some meditating.


While Watkins lived in New York City ​ working in fashion as a model, he had just discovered Yoga which then inspired him to continue investigating the practice. [3] ​ While living in the Upper East Side ​, he rediscovered a mode of exercise that he had not seen before. [4] ​ The practice that he had discovered was Yoga, which would forever change his life. [5]


Watkins attended Howard University ​ where he received his Bachelor's degree ​ in Advertising ​. [6]

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Light Watkins : How to Start Your Movement.


A few years later, in 2002, he moved to the city of Los Angeles, California ​ at the age of 29 with a vision of teaching vinyasa flow. Being limited in his range of motion he found becoming a Yōga ​ teacher difficult. Yet, he went forth and took classes near the Larchmont neighborhood. [7]

He would eventually graduate but he found the poses hard to do with his clients as he was afraid of being seen as a fraud due to the limitation in his range of motion. Thus, he relied in his communication of Yoga and its connection to the body for people of all levels and backgrounds. [8] [9]

Light Watkins meditating out on the porch of a house.

He would end up building his class which started with just a few of hist student that would eventually build to more than 30. His students commented that he was more compassionate and easier to follow as he wasn't as egotistical as other teachers that have take in the past. [10]

Years later, Watkins began to reflect as to why he resonates most as a yoga teacher in comparison to other teachers in the entire city of Los Angeles. During a hike with another friend, the conversation about being an LA-famed yoga teacher who can't touch his toes came up. Watkins tried to find a way to reply with the questions in a positive manner. His friend would end up answering that question for him: "You know, a wise man once told me, you don’t have to beat Michael Jordan in a game of basketball in order to coach him to a championship.” [11]

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Meditate to Stress Less, Sleep Better, and Be Happy with Light Watkins.


Watkins started getting into the practice of meditation during around the time when he also started experimenting with Yoga back in 1998. It wasn't until he met his meditation guru in 2003 that he decided to take the practice to another level. He moved to India with his guru to continue his lessons. [12] [13]

After completing the lessons, he began traveling the world organizing events to teach classes and give talks. [12] ​ He has sold-out international retreats across the globe. [14]

Vedic Meditation

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Video of how meditation works by Light Watkins.

Watkins is a teacher of the Vedic meditation tradition which is known as the Quintessential "householder" of meditation techniques. He teaches the technique in way that is easier for anyone to learn. [15]

After ten minutes of meeting his guru he knew he wanted to become a meditation teacher. Watkins found his teacher's style of teaching along with his demeanor and energy to be attractive. His teacher had taught more than 10,000 how meditate and Watkins wanted to also teach everyone else what he had learned. [16]

Watkins continues to teach intro to meditation classes throughout the year in cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City ​. Once a person receives his training,

Light Watkins meditating on the floor of an apartment.

they have access to Watkins and his courses for life. [17]

The Shine

Watkins founded a weekly meeting group who would do a pop-up dinner party gathering with friends that began to take over the community. They would answer a a question, often times a silly question, meditate, and learn about something that they didn't know before. The meetings grew and they began to implement other elements such as music and food. [18] [19]

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