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Liane Valenzuela

Liane Valenzuela

Versatile talent who can sing, dance, write, model, and act.

She is a prime example of a multi-media star, previously competing and excelling in beauty pageants and hosting red carpet events for The Voice, X-Factor, and American Idol.

She was an athlete in school, competing in gymnastics, cheerleading, and basketball.

Music was the one true dream of hers, though, and soon after promoting herself online through YouTube and social media, she was signed by the production company Brand X. She is a Vine video phenomenon with more than 4.5 million followers.

She is also popular on Musical.ly with over 1 million fans.

She was born in San Jose, raised in Modesto, and later moved to Los Angeles.

Her parents ran a DJ company on the side.

She dated actor and Vine star King Bach.

She appeared in music videos for artists including Tyga and The Far East Movement.



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