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Lee Kaeun (Hangul​: 이가은) is a Korean​ artist​ under Pledis Entertainment. Kaeun ranked #14 in the finale of Produce 48, unfortunately being unable to make it into IZ*ONE.[1]

Before Produce 48, Kaeun debuted as a member of the girl group After School but the group was on hiatus state since 2015.[1]


After School

  • "Flashback" (2012)
  • "Lady Luck" (2012)
  • "First Love" (2013)
  • "Heaven" (2013)
  • "Shh" (2014)
  • "Week" (2014)
  • "Shine" (2015)

Produce 48

  • "ネッコヤ (Pick Me)" (2018)
  • "내꺼야 (Pick Me)" (2018)


Music Videos

After School

  • Flashback (2012)
  • First Love (2013)
  • Heaven (2013)
  • Shh (2013)
  • Shine Unofficial (2015)

Produce 48

  • Pick Me (2018)
  • Pick Me Trainee Ver. (2018)


  • Produce 48 (2018)
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