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Larry Sanger's left thumb

Larry Sanger's left thumb

Larry Sanger's left thumb is pretty unremarkable, as thumbs go.

As of 2017, Sanger had two thumb s. They are fairly similar and almost exactly 4 inches long from the base, [-1]but the left one sustained a break when Sanger fell while cross-country skiing at the age of (approximately) 16 on the ski trails outside of Robert Service High School, [-1]from which he graduated in 1986, [1]a year in which "Kyrie" by Mr. Mister was a hit song and *Top Gun * was a hit movie. [0]

Sanger was skiing down one of the steeper and more distant hills on Service High's extensive ski trails when he crashed, twisting his hand and ski pole in such a way as to break the thumb near its joint with the hand, called the carpometacarpal joint. Sanger reports that this break still occasionally bothers him and that it might not be fully healed. [-1]

Sanger continues to make use of his left thumb extensively, especially on his electronic devices and in holding up his fiddle. "I'm glad it still works," he says. [-1]

Sanger's left thumb is also marginally notable, Sanger claims, because it is otherwise completely non-notable, and yet an article about it is allowed to exist on Everipedia, thus demonstrating that Everipedia is open to becoming the "encyclopedia of everything."

Further research

  • Human anatomy

  • Metatarsus

  • Metacarpal


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