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Larry Kelley knocking out Tae Bo
Larry Kelley knocking out Tae Bo

Larry Kelley is a 5th generation Amherst, Massachusetts resident, and citizen journalist. [4] Kelley is a Karate Hall of Fame Honoree and National Karate Champion. [8] He owned and operated a Karate school for 28 years. [4]

Citizen Journalism

Since 2007, Kelley has operated the blog Only in Amherst where he covers events in town. People have compared him to the Bill O'Reily of the Pioneer Valley due to his conservative views, stubbornness to outside opinions, and close coverage of college students. [2]

Kelley's most viewed daily features include the "DUI Dishonor Roll" and "Party House of the Weekend." [5] Critics say that Kelley unfairly targets college students because he overwhelmingly writes about college-aged arrests more than his adult counterparts. [2] They add that no matter the age, his stories are posted before they are proven guilty of any crime. Furthermore, his articles are extremely one sided and make massive negative generalizations of the college-aged population of Amherst.

Larry Kelley with the American Flag
Larry Kelley with the American Flag

Supporters of Kelley argue that he is the fighter for the long-time residents of Amherst who have to deal with the rowdy college students. In addition, they point to his patriotism such as fighting against the Town of Amherst for the right to raise the American Flag on 9/11. [16]

What both sides can agree on is that his work-ethic and commitment to covering the happenings of the small town is unparalleled. [14]


On February 17th around 2:45 pm, Kelley was involved in are two car collision that happened in the area of 293 Federal St. near the intersection with Amherst Road. [18] Kelley was transported to Baystate Medical Center where he later was pronounced dead by medical examiners. [19]

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