Lani Blair

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Lani Blair is an American Bartender ​ and Dancer in New York City ​ known for allegedly having sexual relations with Tristan Thompson ​ some time in early April, 2018, during a time when his partner, Khloé Kardashian ​, was pregnant with their first child. [1] [2] [3]

Lani Blair at a dance club.


Early Life

Blair was born and raised in the state of Ohio ​ for most of her upbringing. [4] ​ She grew up in the city of Cincinnati ​. She is a graduate of Olive Branch High School. [5]


After graduating High School, she committed to University of Cincinnati ​. [6]

Flier with Lani Blair on it that is used for promotional purposes.


For many years, Blair has been involved night life industry. She is currently a Bartender ​ and Dancer in the suburb of Queens ​ called Club Angels. [7] ​ She has worked there for three months. Although she has worked and currently works at a strip club, she is not a stripper, but is a dancer. [8] [9]

Social media

Since becoming a dancer, she has shared modeling photos and promotional content on her Instagram ​ for years. She now has about 362k followers. [10]

Footage of Tristan Thompson ​ inviting Lani Blair up to his hotel.

In The Media

On April 11th, 2018, footage of Tristan Thompson ​ flirting and kissing Lani Blair and along with another woman present, was released online. The footage has caused a stir that has led to Thompson being accused of cheating on his partner, Khloé Kardashian ​. [11]

Tristan and Blair were seen at PH-D Lounge, a rooftop bar in Manhattan, on Saturday night on April 7th, 2018. [12] ​ Later that night, they also attended the Soho House. By the end of the night, Thompson is seen dropped off at his hotel with the accompaniment of Blair. She was seen leaving the hotel at around 8p.m. the next day, on April 8th, 2018. [13]

Personal Life

Blair currently lives in the Bronx and works in the suburb of Queens ​. [14] [15]

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