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Landstrip Chip

Landstrip Chip

Landstrip Chip born Jordan Holt-May, is a rapper/songwriter whose talent have him destine for greatness. He is known for his fluid melodies and witty bars.[1] Born in East Atlanta, Chip was exposed to an array of artists such as George S. Clinton, Snoop Dogg, and Sade by his parents, providing the foundation for his unique musical background.



Landstrip Chip has always been fascinated with music from a tender age, as a child he self-taught himself to create melodies, rhythms, and cadences, a skill set that would prove to serve him greatly later in life.

But his journey to discover his hidden talent took off when he was forced to change school after his first year.

Chip started by posting music on Facebook, saying “people used to come up to me in school and say I was dope, so I figured I had some type of talent.

I just went extra hard with that shit.”

By his senior year, Chip was regularly up until 4 in the morning putting in work at the studio, leaving just enough time for a quick nap until he had to get up and go to school.

That intense cycle of going from high school to the studio built Chip’s drive and work ethic.

A year after graduating high school, Chip knew he had to make the money necessary to give off the celebrity-type persona and fell into some below the law habits.

Chip remembers,

“I used to see Gucci pull up to the barber shop, all types of whips and jewelry.

I knew that was the kinda shit I had to be on,”

The money made off the hustle helped him invest back into his music, and around 2013, Chip linked with producer Sonny Digital and began attacking the music headfirst again. Chip would be with Sonny every day, building his rapport with the rest of Atlanta’s rising stars like Migos, Metro Boomin, and K Camp. Landstrip Chip began rounding out his skill set, becoming a sharp songwriter and a trusted ear. “People started coming to me for my writing,” Chip recalls, “but I’m so much more than a writer, I didn’t like the reputation it was giving off. That’s when I really pushed hard and started crafting these projects.” [4]



Chip began rapping in 2008, occasionally laying verses over beats that his friends had obtained for their own records.

After two solid years, Chip began the release of his two mixtapes: One Of One andCruise Control. Both tapes featured some of Atlanta’s elite, from Zaytoven, Southside, and Sonny Digital, to Bankroll Fresh, Keyl, and Quavo. After circulating the two mixtapes, he began working on his debut album in 2017, From My Point Of View. His first album finds Chip bringing his message of working hard, dream chasing, and shrugging off judgment from others and delivers them in a way that listeners can bring those lessons back into their personal lives. Trying to stick Landstrip Chip to a specific genre is a difficult task, as the lyrics feel like rap, but the song structure and melody feels more R&B. This unique blend of elements from both genres gives Chip his edge against the competition, as his sharp songwriting skills help him add extra levels of talent above the rest of the melody-driven rap sound. The album was released in 2019.


To Chip, personal success is simple, “I want to make a mark, be a staple in the game, and be talked about as somebody who was amazing at what they did and put the music first,” Chip says, “I want to be a musician first.

Music opens up other doors, and I don’t want to be gone in a year, I want to be around for a while.”

Chip has a veteran’s mentality while it seems like he’s only starting out.

The years of hard work are starting to pay off in large amounts for the young East Atlanta artist.

Albums and Songs

Chip's latest project is titled 'From My Point of View: Reloaded' is debut album after joining Def Jam. Across the project's thirteen tracks, Chip switches melodies and flows as if he had a stick shift in the booth, with enough handle on both to necessitate multiple rewinds. I've been stuck on "Thumb" (which boasts a feature from Atlanta upperclassman Lil Baby), "Smoke Clears," and most especially, "Came a Long Way." His songs and music videos can be accessed on different sites like Genius,[6] Soundcloud[19] and YouTube[8]

Social Media

Chip has a fairly large following on Social Media.

On Instagram, he has nearly 40,000 followers[3], and on Twitter

and Facebook[1] he engages his fans thereon.


Chip’s sound is best described as “melodic reality”–an effortless balance between infectious, arose hooks and gritty, unfiltered lyrics.

He has co-written records for distinguished artists such as Rico Love, Keri Hilson, and more, and on his new record, My Point of View, he featured artists like Kap G, TK Kravitz, Dae Dae, Eearz, and executive producer Squat Beats.[6]


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