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K-Von Moezzi

K-Von Moezzi

K-von is a headlining comedian on the rise.

The star of MTV's hit show "Disaster Date", he's also been on SHOWTIME, CNN's "HLN", Good Morning America, BBC, & NPR to name a few.

His standup comedy career has taken him around the world several times performing in comedy clubs and theaters, for colleges and large non-profit organizations.

K-von has recently brought his acting to the big screen as the lead in "The Gingerdead Man 2" along with roles in "Guardian Angel" & the upcoming "Jimmy Vestvood" (Maz Jobrani).

K-von is most excited about the upcoming project he wrote/directed "NOWRUZ: Lost & Found"...a comedic Journey into the Persian New Year.

In this 90-minute documentary film, he hilariously invites you along to retrace the roots he never knew and discover the dancing, food, clothing & traditions involved in the Persian New Year.


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