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Kohey Nishi (born April 23, 1993) is a Japanese pornographic director and pornographic actor based in Tokyo, Japan. [13]

Pornography Career

Kohey intentionally makes himself look like a child to fill a void in the pornography market. His most notable films include Nice to Meet You. I am Nishikun, a 109cm Porn Director, Feat. Mao Hamasaki and Having Sex in the Magic Mirror Box Car with a Female College Student with F-Cup Breasts Who Wants to Be a Kindergarten Teacher. Kohey has been introduced to the American media through Vice in May 2017. [2]

With some friends

Before Porn

Kohey worked as a computer programmer for a year in a half and then freelanced for six months. He originally became involved in pornography industry after becoming drinking buddies with mainstream film and porn director, Kei Morikawa. Kei introduced him to Ganari Takahashi, owner of one of the largest porn conglomerates in Japan. When Kohey told Ganari his idea for a pornographic film, he liked the uniqueness and gave him an opportunity to make it. [2]

Personal Life

Kohey was diagnosed with Mucopolysaccharidosis. Although a Bone marrow transplant stopped the development of the disease, he has not recovered from the symptoms. Kohey has some after effects from rhabdomyosarcoma and a brain tumor. He can't grow taller and he can't stand for more than 5 minutes. His weak neck puts him at risk of being paralyzed. [2]

Since coming to prominence in the Japanese porn industry, he has received internet fame and attention from women in real life. He hopes to perform in non-erotic dramas and American porn in the future.

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