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KidZania Frisco

KidZania Frisco

KidZania Frisco is an interactive kid-sized city, based in Frisco, Texas. It is designed to show children how the world works.


KidZania Frisco was opened on November 23, 2019, at Stonebriar Centre in Frisco, Texas. The kid-run city is built in an 85,000 square-foot indoor space that includes an actual Boeing 737-500 fuselage. KidZania has 55 buildings, which include stores, a bank, a TV station, an aviation academy, restaurants, an optometrist, a hospital, a university, a theater and a fire station.[1][2]

This is the first KidZania in the United States, and the 29th in the world.[1] It is a franchise of Mexico City-based KidZania, which was founded in 1999.[2]


When parents and their children enter the building, they're given a matching RFID bracelet. With this security measure, kids are free to roam, but can't leave KidZania without their guardians.[1]

Activities are catered to those between the ages of four to fourteen.

Each one is about 20 minutes long.

They can pretend to be firefighters, police officers, nail technicians, mail carriers, construction workers, doctors, dentists, bankers and more.

There is also a special WFAA studio, where children can run a show, operate a camera, produce, field report and anchor.[1]

All of the play commerce is based on a currency called Kidzos, and it can be spent or saved for another visit in an account opened at the bank.[2]


KidZania has an education advisory board made up of two on-staff educators and 10 people from the private and public sectors, including the dean of the college of education at the University of North Texas and an educational consultant to Disney. The General Manager of KidZania is Mike Laudizio, who is also considered to be the mayor of KidZania.[2]


Many of the features in the attraction are sponsored by real companies.

Spotify is sponsoring a podcast recording studio. Southern Methodist University will be the name on the college, WFAA will be on the TV station and the Essilor brand will be on the optometrist’s office. There’s a construction zone obstacle course sponsored by Turner Construction.[2]

Dallas-based Mooyah Burgers and The Colony-based Pie Five Pizza will run restaurants that take real cash, and children and parents can also get some hands-on experience in the restaurants. [2]

Other sponsors so far are Bic, Colgate, Columbia-Sony, PepsiCo, Planet Fitness, Takis and Texas Health Resources.[2]


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