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Kevin Stenersen Grant

Kevin Stenersen Grant

Kevin Stenersen Grant (born on 22 November 1996) is a real estate agent and marketing teacher, currently working with the King Real Estate Group[1]. He holds over four years of experience in the real estate market and is currently working with over 20 active clients[2].

Grant holds a real estate salesperson license and is a certified negotiation expert.

He holds extensive experience in the marketing and real estate industry and specializes in sales and operations planning, management, recruitment, budget management, and negotiation[4].


Kevin Stenerson Grant was born on 22 November 1996 to Lisa and Stanley Grant in Orange County, California[3]. He graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship in 2021[2].

Licenses and Certification

  • Real Estate Salesperson License: issued in 2017 by California Department of Real Estate.

  • Certified Negotiation Expert: issued in 2017 by Real Estate Negotiation Institute

  • Google Ads Essential Training: issued in 2019 by LinkedIn


Door-to-Door Salesman

Grant started his career as a seasonal sales representative for Nuvo Olive Oil, where he worked for over a year.

He also served as a Shift Leader at Pick Up Stix in 2015.

In 2018, Grant worked as a Door-to-Door salesman for Caliber Smart.

He was responsible for selling Dish network TV and sprint cellphones door to door in Indianapolis, Indiana prior to the T-Mobile merger deal.

Real Estate Agent

In 2016, Grant entered the real estate industry, by joining Seven Gables Real Estate as a realtor.

In 2017, he also attained the official real estate license by the California Department of Real Estate.

Grant also became a Certified Negotiation Expert through the CNE training program and a graduate of Ninja Selling program.

Grant started working as a real estate agent for King Real Estate Group. He gained attraction by acquiring more than 20 clients during his first year of employment[2].

Marketing Teacher

Grant also started Agent Online Marketer® (AOM®), a teaching platform for new real estate agents in 2020.

He teaches new agents about the importance of online marketing in the real estate sector.

AOM aims to help agents reach a higher number of buyers globally.

Personal Life

Grant lives in Orange County, California. He is passionate about ju-jitsu, surfing, and traveling.


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