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Alan Kennedy-Shaffer

Alan Kennedy-Shaffer

Alan Kennedy-Shaffer is a candidate for Colorado State Senate.


Kennedy-Shaffer is a PhD. student at University of Colorado Denver in Public Affairs. He is also a graduate of William & Mary Law School and Yale University.

Military Service

Kennedy-Shaffer is also a Captain in the United States Army National Guard.


Kennedy-Shaffer is author of The Obama Revolution, a book about the 2008 Barack Obama Presidential campaign. The audio version of the book is read by Rider Strong, of Boy Meets World fame. [1]

Advocacy Against Donald Trump's Travel Ban

In September 2017, Kennedy-Shaffer and Morgan Carroll, the 2016 Democratic nominee in Colorado's 6th congressional district, represented Community College of Denver student Zakaria Hagig in a lawsuit against President Donald Trump's travel ban.


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