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Ken Sibanda ( Kissinger Nkosinathi Sibanda) is an American Constitutional attorney, movie director and Science fiction writer.

Constitutional Attorney:

As a Constitutional attorney Mr. Sibanda has represented numerous groups on civil rights and rights issues. He has also written extensively on constitutional matters for the Jerusalem Post. Sibanda is the author of "International Law: Peace Accords" and "Lemba Jewish Rights: The Case for Religious Freedom[10]."

Movie Director:

In 2011 Sibanda became the first African born black writer to write a science fiction novel that uses physics, not magic or folklore, with "The Return to Gibraltar."

Sibanda has written numerous scripts and made his directorial debut with the motion picture 1948. A film adapted from his play, The Tragic Circumstances of 1948.

Notable literary works:

a. Hard Science Fiction:

Mr. Sibanda is known as one of a few African born writers to delve into physics inspired science fiction. In 2011, he published the novel "The Return to Gibraltar," which received global reviews. The adaptation of that book is entitled - Return to Gibraltar. Another major work is the science feature film - V for Vindicator.

b. Hannibal the Great:

Sibanda is the writer of the "Hannibal the Great," graphic novel series which tells the rise and fall of Carthaginian general Hannibal Barca. The series begins with, Hannibal Born.


Ken Sibanda was educated at the University of London where he obtained a Bachelors of Law with Honors. In 2011 he received a first Masters from the nationally ranked Temple University. In 2016 he received a second Masters in Trial Advocacy in Federal Defense from California Western School of Law. He also attended Columbia University's summer writing program in 1998.

Note worthy, Sibanda is the first American lawyer to attain a dual Masters in Trial for both State and Federal Advocacy from Temple James Beasley School of Law and California Western School of Law respectively[8].

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