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Daniel Keem , better known by his moniker Keemstar , is a Youtube Commentator who hosts the show DramaAlert where he analyzes various YouTube Personalities. He is originally from the Buffalo, NY ​ area. [0]


Keemstar first came to noteriety in a video of him trashtalking and trolling in Halo 3. The video was uploaded on January 21st, 2009 and was titled " FUNNY STUFF :: HALO'S #1 TRASHTALKER :: DJ KEEMSTAR." [7] ​ He became a part of the Fedeation of Asshole Gamers (F@G) and filmed videos of him trolling gamers while playing Halo 3 ​. One instance of his trolling is when he was played the character "Sparkles the Gay Rapper." [10] ​ On May 27th, 2010, another video was uploaded titled "Best of F@G Episode 1," Keemstar engages in dialouge with a female gamer and attempts to have phone sex with her while playing Halo 3 on his livestream. [8]

Building on top of his fame, on June 15, 2014, Keemstar started the YouTube based show DramaAlert, originally NewDramaAlert, where he would be covering drama and controversial topics surrounding online personalities, especially popular YouTubers. His channel reports about YouTubers such as Jake Paul ​, RiceGum ​, Logan Paul ​, OpTic Scumper, Ali-A, KSI, SkyDoesMinecraft and many more. [+] In the YouTube community, Keemstar is considered a very divisive figure due to his constants feuds with his counterparts. A petition was started to ban Keemstar from YouTube ​. [5]

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