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How to take a picture of a black hole | Katie Bouman

Katherine Louise Bouman (better known as Katie Bouman, born May 9, 1989) is an American computer scientist working in the field of imaging. She was a member of the Event Horizon Telescope team that captured the first image of a black hole. She is expected to join the faculty of California Institute of Technology in June 2019 as an assistant professor of computing and mathematical sciences. [2] [3] [4] [5]

Early Life & Education

Bouman hails from Indiana. She first heard about the Event Horizon Telescope as a high school student in West Lafayette, Indiana. She studied electrical engineering at the University of Michigan and graduated cum laude. [2]

She earned a master's degree in electrical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she also completed her doctorate. Bouman was a member of the MIT Haystack Observatory. She was supported by an National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship. Her master's dissertation, Estimating Material Properties of Fabric through the observation of Motion, was awarded the Ernst Guillemin Award for best Masters Thesis. [2]

Research & Career

Bouman joined Harvard University as a postdoctoral fellow on the Event Horizon Telescope Imaging team.

In 2017, Bouman delivered a TED Talk, How to Take a Picture of a Black Hole. [+]

Bouman joined the California Institute of Technology as an Assistant Professor in 2019. She works on new systems for computational imaging.

In April 2019, Bouman was responsible for the first images of a black hole, providing computational support to learn about general relativity in the strong-field regime. Bouman theorized that black holes leave a background shadow of hot gas. [2]

Bouman has written for Astronomy Now .[4]

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