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Katie Angel (Singer)

Katie Angel (Singer)

Katherine Ángel Correia Andrade, better known as Katie Angel, is a multi-faceted singer, model, dubbing actress, youtuber and vlogger of Venezuelan-American origin. She was born on October 7, 1992 in San diego, California, United States. This artist ventured into the entertainment industry in 2017, with the pop genre.[1]

Since May 2015, Katie Angel has been married to Carmelo Granado, also known as The Bear, whom she met when she was 16 years old.[4]




Katie Angel - Rompe La Pista [Official Video]

Katie Angel - Rompe La Pista [Official Video]

Katie Angel is the daughter of Paula Andrade and Antonio Correia, has a younger sister named Jennifer, better known as Lulu. Katie Angel was born in the United States, but her family moved to Venezuela when she was seven months old. Katie Angel studied primary and secondary school at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish College located in Caracas, Capital District, Venezuela.

From a young age, Katie Angel showed great skills for the arts, especially towards the television world, at 11 years old she was selected to be the official image in different television campaigns recording different commercials for television.

At age 13 she took singing, modeling and catwalk classes.

Once she finished his studies, Katie Angel studied at the Central University of Venezuela, where she studied medicine at the Luis Razzetti school, where he graduated as a surgeon, while continuing to test with new facets, now as a singer.[2]

In May 2015 she started his own YouTube channel called “KatieAngelTV” where he shares beauty and entertainment videos, achieving in less than 1 year to exceed the first million subscribers, Katie Angel had become a famous and recognized youtuber.


In 2017 she released two musical versions of songs such as "I still miss you" belonging to singer J Balvin and "Despacito" by Luis Fonsi.

At the beginning of 2018 he released the version of the single “Come back” of the Spanish-born singer Beret, which meant a rebound in his career as a singer, having achieved more than ten million views on YouTube.

In February 2018, Katie Angel launched her clothing and footwear brand Katie Angel.

In March 2018, she traveled to Colombia to promote “Break the track”, a song recorded with Nael and Justin in Medellín, reaching more than 35 million views on YouTube to date.

In August 2019 she releases his first album entitled "Invincible."

This production was made up of a total of ten musical themes such as "Tik tak", "Stay", "I can't beat you" and "I don't care", among others.


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