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**Kacey Caviness,better known askaceytron,**is a popular American Twitch streamer.

Early Years

While in her grandmother’s house, Kaceytron spent a lot of her childhood playing games on her grandmother’s computer.

She played everything from Donkey Kong Country **to Diablo II *,*StarCraft **and World of Warcraft. After moving out of her grandma’s house at 17, she tried her hands at education with a few college classes, but nothing stuck. She spent this period of her life working at various retail jobs in places like Claire's, Gap and Delia's. [6]


Kaceytron is a well known Twitch streamer who started streaming in March 2013. She launched her twitch career with World of Warcraft *,*a game she had been playing since 2004. [6] She is very well known for being a troll in the League of Legends community. She played bad in games and pretended she is a professional gamer. [5]

In 2016, during the presidential race, Kacey created a series called Kaceytron University, a parody of Trump University.


Kacey has more than 460K followers on Twitch, 63.2K followers on Twitter and 65K subscribers on YouTube as of December 2018. [3]


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